A Night To Remember at the Groupone Dainere’s Rainbow Bibbidi Bobbidi Ball 2023

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The National Arboretum in Canberra, provided the perfect backdrop for the GroupOne Dainere’s Rainbow Bibbidi Bobbidi Ball.

The entry glass sliding doors parted to reveal a dreamy and magical backdrop to the elegantly dressed guests, this set the scene for a truly memorable evening.

The Ugly Step Sisters, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Captain Hook, Tinkerbell, A Fairy Godmother, Rapunzel and many other favourites were amongst those who embraced the theme, alongside the most glamourous array of Prince and Princesses attending the evening.

Whether they were surprised by the astounding magical feats of Majura the Magician, the fire out of the menu, his disappearing cards and various other mesmerising illusions or listening to the phenomenal and melodious songs, including a very special sing-a-long from Canberra’s Queen of Music, Leisa Keen, guests had the ultimate entertainment experience.

Our very own Princess Belle arrived in a Silver Fern Limousine escorted by mustangs (of the car variety) and spent the evening in many of the delighted guests Mugshots Photobooth images, which had the quintessential backdrop of a Props & Roses charming flower wall.

The Silent Auction table saw eager guests placing what they hoped would be a winning bid on the fabulous and often unique array of astounding items donated by several Community Business Partners.

There were wine bags on offer, where some of the purchasers could be lucky enough to find a surprise bonus gift card, voucher or scratchie.  The raffle tickets were a hot item with first prize of $1000.00 cash on offer, which the lovely volunteers Louise and Leanne in their fabulous pink Dainere’s Rainbow Vests so skilfully assisted guests with.

The first class and delectable menu provided by event caterers, The Ginger Group received the highest accolades throughout the evening, the five-hour beverage package was well received, especially the high-quality alcohol selection to keep the guests thirst quenched.

Always supreme, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening Captain ‘Michael Bower’ Hook not only provided an ultimate and enjoyable experience for guests and also ran the evening on time to a tee.

The meaningful and special moments of the evening were captured to perfection and with such care and professionalism by Corinne from Red Fox Photography. Which guests will be able to treasure for a lifetime.

A significant moment was at 7:25pm, as guests were remembering Dainere with a minute silence and Telstra Tower powering down and then alighting in dazzling rainbows colours especially for Dainere.

Guests sat and listened intently to the Guest Speaker for the evening Dr Sumanth, who so passionately and eloquently spoke about the research he is involved in and how we can all make a difference.

The Fund Patron, John Mikita and Ambassador Mark Scarborough, were a highlight when they shared a lyrical fairytale thank you speech which had guests engaged and entertained.  Then when the Anthoney Family spoke and shared their poignant personal experiences from Dainere’s diagnosis to what it is like today without Dainere, there was not a dry eye in the room.

The bidding on the Live Auction items were fierce and the exceptional Auctioneers Michael Martin and Kelsey Tracey from Luton Properties Tuggeranong so expertly achieved remarkable results.

Those who loved dancing were not disappointed, with Canberra’s supreme DJ ‘The Beast’ Alex Carder providing tunes that saw the dance floor full until the end of the evening.

Each guest was gifted a teddy bear to take home with them, to share with family, friends and colleagues and tell Dainere’s Story and elevate awareness of childhood brain cancer, a disease that unjustly and unfairly steals the lives of so many children in Canberra and around Australia.

It was a night to remember and to be remembered for a long time by all who attended.

We would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation and recognition to Corinne Read, the exceptional photographer behind Red Fox Photography. Corinne’s talent, dedication, and artistic vision have consistently captured the essence and beauty of countless moments, leaving a lasting impression on all who have the privilege of viewing her work.

Some words from Corrine:

Thank you for choosing me to capture this magical evening. It was my honour and I hope I have captured the night perfectly for you.

Red Fox Photography Photographer

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Red Fox Photography

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Good evening Ladies,  Gents and All

Apologies, the fairy godmother has just stepped out to take a call

But Ill swing a wand and out I’ll call Welcome now to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Ball

It seems only right to start with, ‘Once upon a time’

We will attempt a speech, in perfect rhyme.

It is a true wonder to see you all here tonight.

And I am hoping, just only hoping, we can get this right!

In this realm of fairytale, where hope takes a stand,

I am Mark Scarborough, an Ambassador grand.

With as much passion as Dainere, I hope for awareness wide,

For Daineres Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund, I stand with pride.

Thanks for that Mark, and with the same compassion and care,

I am John Mikita, and this purpose I share.

As Patron for Dainere, I am committed to a future.

Where no child should live with an incurable tumour.

With introductions now done, we will get to the rest

But first let me say, my how amazing you are all dressed!

With that nice little compliment, our speech game is strong

This seems to be working all right, I think we might just go on.

It is with grateful hearts, we gather tonight,

To thank all who are here, to give Dainere light.

We remember her as a warrior, a fierce courageous knight.

Who tirelessly and passionately continued to fight.

t was her goal, her one true hope that no children would suffer nor need to cope

That brain tumours in children will one day be banished

And that her memory will live on, and in do so, flourish

To do so, it’s with partners and supporters far and wide,

That tonight we ask you to be grateful for their time.

With generous spirits they’ve lit the path,

And helped dreams flourish, free from wrath.

First, to Group One, with unwavering might,

Your support shines like stars far in to the night.

With generous spirits, you’ve lit the path,

And helped dreams flourish, free from wrath.

Rolfe Property Services, we extend our praise,

For tending to needs, in their myriad of ways.

Your expertise and care, a castle’s foundation,

Built upon trust and deep dedication.

Action 4×4, our knights in shining steel,

Your sponsorship roars, a powerful zeal.

Through muddy trails and treacherous course,

You’ve driven our cause with unwavering force.

Simeco Electrical, an enchanted ally,

With technological wonders, you simply amplify.

From pixels to magic, your genius untold,

We hope that our story continues to unfold.

To the National Arboretum, nature’s grand stage,

Your majestic beauty, a treasure in each page.

The Ginger Group, with your vibrant hues,

You’ve catered for our dreams, with flair and muse.

Michael Bower our guide, during this night,

Your wisdom and warmth, it’s been a delight.

Throughout the proceedings, you’ve led the way,

Thank you for brightening our fairy-tale day.

Leisa Keen, has enchanted the air

As she has charmed the hearts of all who are here.

DJ Alex Carder, spinning tunes divine,

You’ve made us dance, like stars that align.

I’m sure you have all have met Deidra, We could talk to her for an hour,

Our hostess of wonder, Deidra Rose, you’re a flower.

And Majura the Magician, a rabbit you may conjure.

With a wave of your wand,if only it could cure!

AVL, the wizards of light, with colors and beams,
you’ve set our stage bright.

To Props and Roses, our imaginative muse,

You’ve created a wonder of flowers, no one could refuse.

Mugshots Photobooths have snapped memories to keep,

You’ve immortalized joy, in moments so deep.

Corrine from Red Fox Photography, your lens has captured our vibe.

Let’s all squeeze in your booth and make memories long survive!

Andrew from Funnell Entertainment, you’ve set hearts aglow,

Thank you for making our fairytale show.

Michael and Kelsey of Team Martin, strong and true,

At Luton Properties Tuggeranong, we thank you.

To our volunteers Louise and Leanne, our fairy-tale brigade,

Your kindness and generosity, we hope never to fade.

Thank you for believing, for joining our quest,

Together, we’ve woven a fairy-tale blessed.

Last but not least our speaker this evening

Dr Sumanth Nagabushan you truly have given this night meaning.

A community strong is what Joel Cahill knows best

And we thank him so dearly from SCHF.

As our tale draws to an end, let’s raise a cheer,

For the wonders tonight of all of those here.

With gratitude in our hearts, we bid adieu,

Our fairy-tale magic, it’s all thanks to you!

Thank you to everyone here tonight who has given up their time and of course your support. Your donations and presence tonight are valued.

Unlike other charities please be assured that 100% of all funds raised by Dainere’s Rainbow go directly to the Sydney Children’s hospital to support vital research for future generations of children diagnosed with childhood brain tumours and cancer.

An event such as tonight would not be possible without the valued support and generosity of the numerous businesses and individuals in our community.

To the dedicated Dainere’s Rainbow Committee Family:  Mark our Ambassador, Colin, Dianne, Bernadette, Bronwyn, Monique and Mark, Anne and David,  Kylie, Stuart and Meryl and Elizabeth.  You all are so generous in giving your time, passion, enthusiasm, support, and hearts to continuing Dainere’s legacy.  You are all champions of charity.

On behalf of the committee I would like to acknowledge the ongoing support John and his team at Transit Graphics provide with all the marketing materials, design and website for Dainere’s Rainbow.

And finally, to the family who brought us all together here tonight.

The level of devotion the Anthoney family have shown to Dainere’s memory, their continued dedication to raising money for the Sydney Children’s Hospital and their efforts to educate other parents who will endure the pain and suffering that they did with their beloved Dainere.

You are truly significant people and deserve our most humble applause in acknowledgement of your efforts.

To end, in the words of Dainere herself:

‘my little voice could only make a small difference,
but together many voices could create change’.

Remember together WE ARE making a change, thank you and enjoy the evening.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land where we meet and work, the Ngunnawal people, and the many other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from across Australia who have now made Canberra their home. We celebrate and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of the ACT and region.

Dainere's Rainbow is a not for profit organisation - 100% of all funds raised or donated go to childhood brain cancer research at Sydney Children's Hospital
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