Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month was first proclaimed by former US President Obama in 2010. Since then it has become a global initiative, raising awareness across the globe for childhood cancer.

Awareness ribbons enable international action for a particular cause. The Gold Ribbon represents Childhood Cancer Awareness all over the world. This ribbon creates unity across the globe and represents all children diagnosed with cancer and their families. The colour gold was chosen for children diagnosed with cancer in recognition of their strength, courage and resilience.

Alarmingly each year, more than 950 children and adolescents aged 0-19 in Australia and 163,000 children worldwide are diagnosed with cancer.

One third of childhood cancers are diagnosed in children aged 0-4 years.

Every week, approximately three children or adolescents in Australia and 1,500 children worldwide tragically die from cancer.

– Children’s Cancer Institute, 2016

  • Childhood cancer is very different to adult cancer
  • Brain cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in Australian children
  • Three families hear the words “Your child has cancer” everyday
  • Some types of childhood cancer have less than 20 per cent survival rates
  • Ninety per cent of survivors of childhood cancer will develop chronic health conditions as a result of their cancer treatments
  • Research is the only way to improve treatments and survivorship for children with cancer
  • Creating greater awareness of childhood cancer and the importance of research can help save lives in the future
  • Community donations are essential in order to improve cure rates and fund better treatments
  • Elevate awareness through sharing on Social Media
  • Save coins throughout the Month of September to donate to a children’s cancer fund
  • Wear a gold ribbon, put a gold ribbon around a tree or pole at your home or even change your porch light to a gold one
  • Have a morning tea, luncheon or afternoon tea at your workplace for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and donate funds to a children’s cancer fund
  • Your local school or sporting club may like to wear something gold one day during September to elevate awareness and funds to donate to a children’s cancer fund
  • Propose a challenge to your friends to find 30 ways in 30 days to elevate awareness of childhood cancer
  • Post a Childhood Cancer Fact on social media each day during September
  • Put a Gold Ribbon on your Facebook Profile Page
Download and share these September awareness tiles on social media
September Tile 6
September Tile 5
September Tile 4
September Tile 3
Dainere's Rainbow is a not for profit organisation - 100% of all funds raised or donated go to paediatric brain tumour research at Sydney Children's Hospital
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