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Dainere, in a life too short, a life too fragile, but a life of tremendous influence selflessly, passionately and tirelessly advocated for greater awareness in the community about paediatric brain tumours.
Her determination and passion to raise funds for research and to inspire others with her constant message, “…together we can take action, give hope and create change…” knew no bounds.
Dainere remains an example of making the world a better place she showed such great compassion, love, bravery, positivity, joy and determination. She was grateful for every day she was here.
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Meet Dainere

Did you know?

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Brain tumours are responsible for more childhood deaths in Australia than any other disease.

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Each year, on average 1600 people will be diagnosed with brain cancer in Australia.

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Only 2 in every 10 people diagnosed will survive for a minimum of five years.


Treatment is challenging because it affects our most vital organ.


There are no risk factors or lifestyle changes, that we know of, which makes screening unrealistic.

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An estimated $50 billion is needed over the next 30 to 50 years to research the causes and outcomes of brain tumours.

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Help us continue raising money and continue to support research into paediatric brain cancer. Every donation goes a long way and no donation is too small, if you are interested in being apart of this mission donate today.


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As at 15 July 2021

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Dainere’s Rainbow

Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund was established in memory of and as a legacy to Dainere in conjunction with The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation to support the research of the devoted Associate Professor David Ziegler. and his team who are working towards improving the outcomes for all children diagnosed with brain tumours.

Corporate partnership

Help make a difference and support our commitment to bettering the lives of all children suffering from brain tumours.
Dainere's Rainbow is a not for profit organisation - 100% of all funds raised or donated go to paediatric brain tumour research at Sydney Children's Hospital
Our Corporate Partners

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation are proud to display the new Registered Charity Tick from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), which aims to gives reassurance to the public that the charities they support are transparent and accountable. We rely on your donations and volunteering to ensure we can continue our vital work, so we want you to know your support is making a difference. Where you see the logo, it means the charity is registered with the ACNC so the public can easily find out what they do, who their beneficiaries are, how they are governed and how they manage their finances.