You’re the Stars Trivia Gala 2021 Report

Thank you! You’re the stars Trivia Gala 2021 raised $25,955

On Saturday 19 June 2021, over 250 guests attended the Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund’s You’re the Stars Trivia Gala event at the QT, Canberra.

After not being able to hold our annual gala event in 2020 due to COVID-19, in 2021 we held our first ever “You’re The Stars” Trivia Gala. This theme was chosen to show our supporters that they are the “stars”; to thank them for their support and shine a light on them as the “stars” of the evening.

We are very thankful to our supporters and happy to announce that $25,955.00 was raised from our “You’re The Stars” Trivia Gala.

People really got into the spirit of the night, with many going to great effort with their costumes and interpreting the theme in different and interesting ways. There were photographs taken on the red carpet on arrival as people entered the room, which was staged with lighting by Eclipse Lighting and Sound to add a colourful ambiance to the room.

Once everyone was seated the wonderful Michael Bower MC announced for people to look under their dinner plates as there was a lucky door prize for not just one person, but one person on each table. Special thanks to Mel’s Massage for kindly donating the many lucky door prizes. We had lots of fun challenging ourselves with the trivia questions and Michael did a great job hosting the evening.

During the evening we took time to watch a special slideshow about Dainere and reflected on Dainere and all the children who inspire us to continue to work towards finding a cure for paediatric brain tumours.

There was a lot of interest in the silent auction, live auction, raffle and merchandise for sale and we remain thankful to our partners who made generous donations and our supporters who purchased raffle tickets, made donations and bid generously on items.

Much fun was had dancing to the sounds of Baby Boss Groove. It certainly was a sight to see the various characters from Disney, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, classic movies and various others dancing together.

So many people commented on the love and support in the room, it really was a great “vibe”. An aim of the evening was to reconnect with old friends and make new friends and we certainly achieved that. The Dainere’s Rainbow family are humbled by the love, support and generosity of all who attended. We look forward to coming together again to raise awareness and much-needed funds for paediatric brain tumour research. 100% of all funds raised go to Associate Professor Ziegler, at The Sydney Children’s Hospital, to continue his inspirational work making a difference for children and families.

Monique Mendez Dainere’s Rainbow Committee Member

International Childhood Cancer Day 15th February

International Childhood Cancer Day 15th February

Childhood cancer does not have a face until it is someone you love. Every year around the globe there are more than 400,000 children aged 0-19 diagnosed with cancer.  It is not simply one disease, there are sixteen major types with hundreds of subtypes.  Tragically there are thousands more children that are never diagnosed and never given the opportunity for treatment. It is devastating that every two minutes, somewhere in the world a family hears the painful and life altering words that their child has been diagnosed with cancer.

Did you know?

  • 95% of children who survive cancer suffer long-term effects
  • 80% of children who survive cancer will have severe or life-threatening conditions.
  • Childhood cancer does not discriminate any child can get it.
  • Childhood cancer is globally grossly underfunded.
  • The incident rate of childhood cancer is increasing.
  • The cause of most childhood cancer is still unknown, there are no preventions.
  • 80,000 Children die from cancer every year.
  • Brain Cancer is the largest childhood cancer killer globally

International Childhood Cancer Day 15th February

Words From Associate Professor Ziegler

Dr Z New

Dr Z NewThese are words from Associate Professor Ziegler who heads the dedicated, devoted and extraordinary team of researchers that Dainere’s Rainbow work directly with and support.

“I think there is nothing more cruel or unjust in the world than to see a child die at a young age from an incurable disease. It remains a sad and devastating fact that brain tumours, as a group, are the number one disease causing the most deaths in childhood. Every week around Australia, three young children, just like Dainere will die of a brain tumour. This is just not good enough”.

To make a difference and help elevate crucial awareness which is vital to more knowledge, education, support, understanding and funding we would be forever grateful if you would so kindly spread the word through workplace, sporting, educational, family and social media networks about Dainere’s Rainbow, Dainere’s Story and the incredible and tireless work of the research team.

Dainere’s Rainbow Christmas Lights of Hope and Joy 2020

Dainere’s Rainbow Christmas Lights Of Hope And Joy 2020 1

Continuing Dainere’s most inspiring legacy at Christmas Time to bring smiles, joy, hope and Christmas Spirit to the Community over the Festive Season, the Dainere’s Rainbow Christmas Lights of Hope and Joy 2020 took place from 1st to 24th December.

Due to the COVID pandemic, the lights had to take a very different form than in previous years, to keep those visiting the display safe and to meet local requirements there was signage, sanitiser, the display was roped off and Santa and Mrs Claus sadly were not able to visit the display.

Despite the challenges that 2020 brought everyone, the display was one that saw many excited families visit, some people who attend every year and others were new faces.  There were expressions of joy, many smiles and gratitude as the lights shone ever so brightly across the Gungahlin landscape over December.

The Display still had some original lights and items that Dainere herself had made or purchased, along with some new additions to the display including the star attraction, a five metre tall inflatable reindeer.  There was a craft and gift stall, activity packs for the children to take away with them and a new initiative of selecting a beautiful gift from a box and choosing what you would like to pay for it.

We wish to express our most sincere and humble gratitude to all those who visited the light display and commented on how special it was.  The display was able to bring the precious gift of hope to children diagnosed with brain tumours through the kindness and generosity of those who made a donation, selected a gift or purchased from the stall.

Over the Christmas period Dainere’s Rainbow were overwhelmed and extremely touched to receive some extremely meaningful donations from an extraordinary family who chose to make a donation to a charity in lieu of gifts.  They have a radiant light of human kindness burning ever so brightly within their hearts to do this.

After visiting the Christmas Lights Display and reading about Dainere’s story, three children Izaac, Madi and Alysha saved their coins and donated them in a Dainere’s Rainbow coin box they had received in activity packs with a card and beautiful message of “we hope the children suffering from brain cancer can also have a Merry Christmas and recover from their disease”.

Another incredible and caring lady who visited the display had been saving silver coins in a jar over the entire year.  Another person with an enormous and giving heart.

Christmas Fundraising also included splendiferous Christmas Cards made by Patricia and Linda that were sold at the Light Display and also through the wonderful team at MEJ, and we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to them.

We are so grateful to announce that The Christmas Lights of Hope and Joy for 2020 raised the phenomenal total of $3016.25.

The Garage Sale Trail – Dainere’s Rainbow Splendiferous Garage Sale for Hope

The Garage Sale Trail Dainere’s Rainbow Splendiferous Garage Sale For Hope 2

Garage Sale Trail, the recovery edition, is coming to a town near you on Saturday 21 & Sunday 22 November 2020.

This year’s event was all about helping people in the community to make or save money by buying or selling second-hand.

The event is also one about sustainability through diverting valuable resources from landfill.  Someone’s excess goods are often a treasure or much needed item for another person.

For Dainere’s Rainbow this event provided a valuable opportunity to elevate awareness and raise desperately needed funds in these difficult and tumultuous times to bring hope for children diagnosed with brain tumours.

One hundred percent of all sales going directly to the world class research programs and projects the devoted Associate Professor Ziegler and his team are devotedly working on in memory of and as a legacy to Dainere. Always working towards the goal of a cure becoming a reality.

Items we had and ones that several people with a shining light of human kindness donated for the sale were put in the Garage Sale for people in the community to purchase over the two days of the weekend.

The Dainere’s Rainbow Team were able to meet a large variety of people within the Canberra Community and share Dainere’s inspiring story and the advocacy, awareness and fundraising efforts of Dainere’s Rainbow.

Some of those who visited the Garage Sale purchased beautiful gifts to give to their loved ones this Christmas and at the same time they walked away feeling a ‘warm glow’ knowing that they were also helping to make a difference and bring hope to children diagnosed with brain tumours.

We are so grateful to announce that $346.30 was raised and this year that means so very much.

We would like to extend our heartfelt and humble gratitude to Anne and David, Monique and Mark, Bron, Bernadette, Patricia and Sally for their thoughtful and most generous contributions for the Garage Sale and to all those who attended and purchased items.

Kiran Designs Supporting Dainere’s Rainbow 2020 and Beyond

Kiran Designs Supporting Dainere’s Rainbow 2020 And Beyond

Kiran Designs Supporting Dainere’s Rainbow 2020 And BeyondThe extremely talented and creative Kirandeep Grewal from Kiran Design Studio has very kindly chosen to support Dainere’s Rainbow’s incredible work towards raising awareness of childhood brain tumours and fundraising for childhood brain tumour research.

Kiran has a creative business inspired by the flora and fauna of Australia.   Her designs incorporate soft, luxurious accessories: scarves, silk hair ties, wraps & silk clothing (kaftans) are created using high quality silk. Oil paintings, watercolours and textile paintings are also part of her creative process.

Kiran’s designs and art are all about empowering the wearer and sharing and inspiring everyone through her creativity.

She believes in being involved in community Art projects that make a direct impact on the local community.

We are so humbled and grateful by Kiran’s wonderful support to increase awareness and encourage fundraising support for Dainere’s Rainbow.

You can read more about Kiran Designs here

Canberra Cruises & Parties Open Day by the Lake

Canberra Cruises & Parties Open Day By The Lake 1

On Sunday 1st November, Dainere’s Rainbow were so extremely humbled and honoured to join the incredible Clint and Charmaine from Canberra Cruises & Parties and the marvellous Mel from Mels Massage for a truly splendiferous and special day at the Canberra Cruises & Parties Open Day by the Lake.

It was a rather windy and overcast day where we were set up at Commonwealth Place, Lake Burley Griffin but as the smell of freshly barbequed sausages filled the air, the sun shone and brought many people out for a lovely day by the Lake.

The day was one of working together and supporting each other whilst making a difference and bringing hope.

Many people went aboard the ‘Maid Marion’ for a tour to find out the truly unique and perfect experiences they could have for their next celebration or event and were able to try out the onboard slushies.  Others enjoyed a phenomenal and relaxing neck and shoulder massage by the Lake.  The Dainere’s Rainbow Team were able to speak to several people who were unaware of the work of Dainere’s Rainbow or the shocking statistics of paediatric brain tumours.

All funds raised on the day through the sale of the COVID Safe Sausage Sizzle, slushie sales and seated massages went to Dainere’s Rainbow.  An amazing $99.00 was raised on the day and during these most unprecedented and most difficult times, when all our usual fundraising and awareness raising events have been cancelled, these funds mean more than words can express and allow research to continue.

If you would like to support these incredible local businesses who are helping to make a difference, please consider booking a party on the water with Canberra Cruise & Parties. or book your next remedial or relaxation massage, with the experienced and caring team at Mels Massage.

Canberra’s Haunted Chop Shop Halloween Display

Canberra’s Haunted Chop Shop Halloween Display 1

The wonderful Amy and Noelle again went all out in the spookiest of ways this Halloween with their annual Canberra’s Haunted Chop Shop Halloween Display.

They had originally planned to have a highly technical interactive display for 2020, but due to the pandemic those plans had to be changed.  The display that they presented was nothing beyond astonishing and truly in the spirit of everything Halloween and Spooky.  Thunderstorms also added to the effect of the event.

They had less people attend the display than in previous years, however, were so touched and grateful to be able to raise nearly as much as in 2019.  The grand total raised was $513.00.

In 2020, there are so many Charity Organisations doing it ever so tough, with awareness and fundraising opportunities few and far between or non-existent, so the kind-hearted Amy and Noelle reached out to Dainere’s Rainbow and Canberra Pet Rescue.

We remain ever so humbled and grateful to Amy and Noelle for their extraordinary and continued support through Canberra’s Haunted Chop Shop Halloween Display each year.  They are true Champions of Children, bringing the gift of hope and helping to create change for every child diagnosed with a brain tumour.

You may like to visit their incredibly Spooktacular Display in 2021

City2Surf 2020

CITY2SURF 2020 – 18th October 2020

CITY2SURF 2020 – 18th October 2020Many of you would have heard of City2Surf, the world’s largest fun run which is held every year in Sydney. Ever since 2013 I have taken on the challenge of running in this event, tackling the gruelling infamous heartbreak hill, pounding the roads from Hyde Park all the way to the picturesque Bondi Beach for 14km.

In a year that has been so deeply and tumultuously affected by the global pandemic COVID, the usual City2Surf held in August was postponed. Like many other events around the globe it was rescheduled, and the 50th City2Surf spanned from 16th to 18th October, taking on a very different look – it was a virtual run.

Although very different in 2020, I still took on the challenge and it became my eighth year competing in this event.

City2Surf is such an important and emotional one for me, as it was Dainere and I who, back in 2013 decided I would run my first City2Surf to assist Dainere in her prolific, inspiring and selfless awareness and fundraising for paediatric brain tumours.

Dainere so desperately wanted to be there to cheer me across the line and give me a huge hug (she was my number one running supporter); but tragically and cruelly her young life was taken by such an insidious and cruel disease as brain cancer and she did not have this chance.

I run each year now to elevate awareness, raise funds and to honour my beloved little sister and our shared love of running and passion to bring hope to every child diagnosed with a paediatric brain tumour.

I chose a challenging 14km course and selected to run on 18th October.  There was rain on the day prior and storms were predicted on Sunday, the day I was to run, but to have these challenges is absolutely nothing compared to what children diagnosed with brain tumours must endure.

I pushed myself and gave everything I had on the day and had the extraordinary support of my family and my mate, Liam.  As I ran Dainere was constantly in my thoughts.

My official time and a personal best over 14km of 50:15:04, coming 9th overall and 3rd in my age group of 20-29.  At the conclusion of the race, on removing my shoes, I discovered an extremely black and then painful big toe, which led to a three-week recovery.

Through running City2Surf again this year I was able to continue to raise vital awareness and raised $26.10, which in such a difficult year where fundraising has been virtually non-existent is significant: every cent, every dollar, every donation contributes to making a difference.

Aquatots SwimSafer Week – Golden Games. 21st – 27th September raised $733.40

Aquatots SwimSafer Week

Our team at Aquatots Swim School have supported the Major Gala Fundraising Event for Dainere’s Rainbow previously and were disappointed we were unable to support this important cause due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.  Every term we create a SwimSafer week with a theme, to help kids gain the skills needed to swim safer in a fun and engaging way. When we realised that the month was “Turn September Golden for Childhood Cancer Awareness”, the theme emerged. We themed our Swim Safer Week ‘The Golden Games’ and based our swim activities on the Royal Life Swim and Survive Awards using fun games for the children to complete. To help raise awareness of this month, our instructors and staff all dressed in yellow and gold outfits.  Our Aquatots community were asked to donate a gold coin for our efforts and we are so proud that they did. We raised a total of $733.40 and we would like to thank our amazing supportive Aquatots Community for their contribution. Our team at Aquatots knows the importance of saving young lives and we are extremely happy that we were able to help raise awareness and give hope.

Aquatots SwimSafer Week
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