Tiny’s Car Challenge Raised $1,936 for Dainere’s Rainbow

This year has been very difficult for charities to fundraise due to the restrictions with Covid-19. When we saw Tiny’s Car Challenge we thought it was a great opportunity to raise much needed funds for Dainere’s Rainbow, so we decided to register. We would like to thank Tiny and Elaine Srejic for giving us this wonderful opportunity. We would also like to thank all the generous and thoughtful people who donated to our cause where we placed 9th in the overall fundraising and raised an incredible $1,936.00 for Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund.

David and Anne

Tiny’s Car Challenge

In an ambitious event that is believed to have never been done in Australia before, Goran ‘Tiny’ Srejic one of the co-founders of The Green Shed had a goal to raise funds for charity and offer an incentive to those who fundraise.

Tiny’s Car Challenge is part of a new endeavour for Tiny as part of Tiny’s 2.5 where he hopes to eventually raise 2.5 million dollars for charity over five years.

His aim for the Car Challenge was to raise one million dollars.

Firstly, a call went out to charities, to register as a way to generate funds especially during the current tough conditions caused by the pandemic.  The idea then was to have people register and choose a charity to support by fundraising for them.

For the people fundraising there was an incentive, a way to encourage people who normally wouldn’t fundraise, a way to thank them for taking the time to raise funds, give them a pat on the back and show appreciation by offering the opportunity to the top twenty fundraisers to win a car.

The top twenty fundraisers overall (not the charity) at the end of a three-week period 1st to 21st August would then get to compete to see who could keep their hand on a car and be the last one standing and get to drive away in the car.

Dainere’s Rainbow was one of the charity groups registered that people could select to fundraise for.  There were two groups of people who selected to raise funds for Dainere’s Rainbow and they raised $1936.00 and $25.00, a total of $1961.00 which we are so extremely humbled and ever so grateful for.

Anne and David Gledhill who raised $1936.00 were also in the Top Twenty Fundraisers coming in 9th place.  They now have the opportunity to win the car.  That challenge will take place on 3rd September at Canberra Outlet Centre.

Paediatric Brain Cancer Doesn’t Hibernate

Dr Z New

Just because we are currently in the midst of a global pandemic, one that most certainly requires our attention, the reality is that paediatric brain cancer doesn’t hibernate because of COVID-19.  Childhood brain cancer is still ravaging our precious children and it is more crucial than ever that awareness and research is continued.

The reality is that research has been disrupted and slowed down in many areas and understandably there has been a redirection or delay in funding capacity as funds are directed towards much needed COVID-19 research.

Current research is also impacted by restrictions that have reduced numbers and time capacity within research laboratories.  The capacity for having the ability to undertake research through to submission and expert assessment of applications in the area of health and medical research has been dramatically reduced.

Children battling cancer are already immunocompromised and vulnerable to viruses like COVID-19, so it adds extra cause for concern for researchers.

As paediatric brain cancer research programs and projects are virtually funded entirely by Community support and funds raised through events, it is devastating to learn that there currently is a substantial funding shortfall.  This shortfall in funding will potentially have a colossal impact on outcomes and the future for children diagnosed with brain cancer.

The role of philanthropy and community heart is critical and needed more than ever at this time.

Tumultuous Times for Awareness and Fundraising

This year all of us, no matter who we are, how old we are, where we live or where we work have been profoundly affected by COVID-19.  Here in Canberra our Community and surrounding regions were significantly impacted by fierce, raging and devastating bushfires and thick, hazardous smoke haze and a destructive hailstorm.

Awareness and Fundraising for Dainere’s Rainbow from Christmas 2019 onwards has been severely impacted.  Our Major Gala Fundraising Event that is held in June each year had to be postponed, every single smaller event also had to be postponed or cancelled.  Awareness opportunities were cancelled and will continue to be until the end of the pandemic.

As most would be aware the fund is run entirely by a volunteer base of people with selflessly give their time, hearts, enthusiasm, dedication and passion and because of this then 100% of all funds raised or donated to Dainere’s Rainbow go immediately and directly to the research projects and programs set up in memory of and as a legacy to Dainere to support the extraordinary and devoted work of Associate Professor David Ziegler and his team at the Kids Cancer Centre Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Despite these times of profound difficulty, the Dainere’s Rainbow Team have been doing everything humanly possible to still support brain tumour families who have the extra burden of the pandemic. We have continued our mission to take action, give hope and create change for all Australian children diagnosed with brain tumours.

Our work during this time has been through elevating significant and crucial awareness on social media and website platforms, distribution of Community education, materials and information, reaching out to provide vital non-medical practical peer support to families,  continuation of collaboration on palliative care and bereavement projects and resources and we are thinking ahead in regards to the creation of innovative initiatives to further assist and support families.

We are looking to the future; one that we are aware will be challenging for any charity or community group and looking at new ways to raise vital and even more desperately needed funds for Australian world class research projects and programs that we are working closely on with Associate Professor David Ziegler to substantially improve outcomes, reduce treatment side effects and work towards the reality of a cure for every child diagnosed with a paediatric brain tumour.

Dainere’s words ‘You Have To Go Through A Storm To Get To A Rainbow’ are currently so relevant and poignant.  Just as Dainere did in her life, she never, ever gave up and worked with such selflessness, passion, determination and inspiration, it is our lifetime commitment to see her visions, goals and greatest wish in life become a reality and make a difference for others.  We will find a rainbow after this vicious storm.

Have you got what it takes to win this car?

Help us to raise vital funds for our cause and be in the running to win a car. Tiny’s Car Challenge is a competition with a twist.  First you have 3 weeks to raise as much money for our charity.

The top 20 fundraisers over all the charities will participate in Tiny’s Car Challenge – by placing a hand on the car – LAST person standing wins the car!!!

Runner up: $5000 cash

Register Today: https://tinys.com.au/fundraiser-sign-in.html?c=DAINERES+RAINBOW+-+PAEDIATRIC+BRAIN+TUMOURS

Fundraising starts on 1 August-21 August, so get organised now.  Be creative, enlist your buddies, think about all the ways you can raise as much money as you can for charity. When you finish in the top 20 fundraisers, you will have a chance to win the car

Win a VW POLO 2020 70TSI Trendline (White)
5 Seed Manual, Valued at $22,199.
Second Prize: $5000 cash
donated by Kellie @ McIntyre Property

For all the details visit: www.tinys.com.au

Harcourts Brindabella $1000 donation for Listing Referrals that mention Dainere’s Rainbow

Harcourts 01

If you, a family member, a neighbour or a work colleague are thinking of selling a home please consider contacting the incredible and friendly team at Harcourts Brindabella.  In a true act of kindness in such unprecedented and difficult times they are promising to make a donation of $1000 (payable on settlement) for any referral for a listing that mentions Dainere’s Rainbow.

It is through working with extraordinary people like Jeremy Maher and the Harcourts Brindabella team that Associate Professor Ziegler can continue his research work in these truly unimaginable times.  Community support is the only way currently that we can see a significant elevation in awareness and increased hope through funding for paediatric brain tumours which are the number one disease killer of our most precious children in Australia.

10% of Sales with House of Red Bobbin to make a difference for children diagnosed with brain tumours

Red Bobbin
Red Bobbin

In celebration of our continued participation in supporting Dainere’s Rainbow, Red Bobbin is proudly donating 10% to Dainere’s Rainbow on any sales. Please be sure to mention ‘Dainere’s Rainbow’ when purchasing.

Let us have your next outfit standout with a custom-handmade piece of headwear or clutch from House of Red Bobbin.

Call Jocelyn today to discuss your requirements 0488 977 066 or You can view or follow my creations @house_of_redbobbin | https://houseofredbobbin.com/

Handmade Cards For A Difference

Patricia and Grandson Jett

Patricia Arentz has taken her love and talent for making cards to the next level. Her Grandson Jett (5 years) was diagnosed with a brain tumour in January 2019. Since August 2019 she has been handmaking cards for Laura Martiniello and her helpers at MEJ (Maliganis Edwards Johnson) to sell. Together they have raised almost $1,000 with all proceeds going to Dainere’s Rainbow. A tremendous effort from all involved.

Patricia and Grandson Jett
Patricia and Grandson Jett

Call for Partnerships

As part of our commitment and a goal Dainere so tirelessly, selflessly, inspirationally and passionately worked on throughout her short life, we are honouring her wish of elevating vital awareness and desperately required funds for this crucial research to continue. We humbly invite your offer of Partnership, to help us celebrate Dainere’s legacy and give hope to other children at our Premier Fundraising Event, the 2020 ‘You’re the Stars’ Gala Dinner, on Saturday 13th June 2020 at QT Canberra, London Cct, Canberra City ACT.

As at February 2020, Dainere’s Rainbow with the wonderful support of our Partners and the Community have raised a phenomenal $442,467.00 of which 100% has gone towards research projects and support for paediatric brain tumours.

For this Premier Event, we would value and are seeking:

  • Major Partnerships (Financial)
  • Platinum (Only One Available) $7,000.00 – Taken by GroupOne
  • Gold (Several Available) $5,000.00
  • Silver (Several Available) $3,000.00
  • Bronze (Several Available) $2,000.00
  • Copper (Several Available) $1,000.00
  • Iron (Several Available) $500.00

Community Partnerships are donations of goods, services, vouchers, small financial contributions or other.

An overview of each of these Partnerships for your consideration can be found on our website here, or in the below 2020 Prospectus. Alternatively, we can tailor a Partnership specifically for you.

If you were wanting to become a partner you can enquire online here, or download the form below and mail it to us.

19637 Daineres Rainbow Partnerships Prosepctus 2020 V5 Page 01
DR Youre The Stars 2020 Partnership Form

Your Partnership will significantly support Dainere’s Rainbow’s efforts to dramatically increase awareness and raise substantial funds for research to work towards a cure for paediatric brain tumours. We believe that when united we can take action, give hope and create change for every single child diagnosed with a brain tumour; every child deserves the chance of a long, healthy and happy future.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information, we would be absolutely delighted to organise to meet with you to discuss the 2020 ‘You’re the Stars’ Gala Dinner or The Dainere’s Rainbow Fund.

Dainere’s Rainbow Magical Christmas Lights Display

December is always a special month for Dainere’s Rainbow, one to continue an extra special legacy that Dainere created to bring Christmas Spirit, hope, joy and smiles to the Community whilst also elevating vital awareness and funds for paediatric brain tumours.

Many weeks and hours are put into organising and setting up the Christmas Lights Display and each year following Dainere’s vision for the display.  This year the display had several surprises including a display with Belle decorating her Christmas Tree, bubbles from the roof, some new lights and some from Dainere’s original display.

This December was very different also as Canberra was engulfed most days by an eerie smoke haze from ferocious and destructive fires in New South Wales.  With poor air quality and constant concerns of the fires spreading the number of people visiting the display were dramatically decreased compared to previous years.

We would like to extend our truly heartfelt and humble gratitude to all those families who visited the Dainere’s Rainbow Magical Christmas Lights Display throughout December and especially those who ventured out on 21st and 22nd December our special activity nights when there was a thick smoke haze.

We had a visit from the incredible Mrs Claus Canberra and the jolly Santa, a craft and gift stall, lots of giveaways, bubbles, photo opportunities and amazing face painting and glitter tattoos from the lovely Emma from Molly Coddle Parties.

Several families were also very excited to be able to purchase Anthony Christmas Bear Book and have it signed by the author, Jarrett.

The Christmas Lights Display raised $2065.40 and we are so grateful to those who braved the smoke haze and heat to visit and support us.

By visiting the Dainere’s Rainbow Magical Christmas Lights, we are united in continuing Dainere’s inspiring and selfless legacy to bring hope, create change and work towards a cure for all children diagnosed with brain tumours. This is such a truly precious gift and we thank you all most sincerely.

Dainere's Rainbow is a not for profit organisation - 100% of all funds raised or donated go to paediatric brain tumour research at Sydney Children's Hospital
Our Corporate Partners

Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation are proud to display the new Registered Charity Tick from the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC), which aims to gives reassurance to the public that the charities they support are transparent and accountable. We rely on your donations and volunteering to ensure we can continue our vital work, so we want you to know your support is making a difference. Where you see the logo, it means the charity is registered with the ACNC so the public can easily find out what they do, who their beneficiaries are, how they are governed and how they manage their finances.