A beacon of light for paediatric brain tumours

On Saturday 22nd December in conjunction with the Dainere’s Rainbow Christmas Wonderland Lights Display, there was a special gathering of the 2018 Myer Christmas Bear ‘Anthony’ and his owners.

A downpour of rain just prior to the event was followed by the most magnificent and rather poignant rainbow that arched across the early evening sky and then a cool but chilly night.

Many from the Canberra Community joined this splendiferous event holding their treasured ‘Anthony Bear’, knowing that they were creating a beacon of light and hope this Christmas for children diagnosed with paediatric brain tumours.

The meaning and significance of Anthony was shared as well as the true spirit of Christmas with smiles, new friendships, a greater knowledge and awareness, the gift of giving and fabulous fun had.

The evening had the incredible Molly Coddle Parties applying the most fabulous glittering Christmas Tattoos to a line of excited children, the extraordinary Mrs Claus greeting guests with such warmth and taking orders to pass back to Santa, a stall of beautiful gifts, some big winners on the lucky numbers, Christmas Craft Activities for the children and adults, dazzling glow sticks, a candy cane or two and the brightly shining Christmas Lights to delight all.


In a historic; first time ever tribute to an individual, Myer named their 2018 Christmas Bear as a tribute and honour to the inspiring Canberra Local, Dainere Anthoney, after hearing her heart-warming story of strength, optimism and her continued and selfless drive to support other children battling paediatric brain cancer which tragically took her young life in 2013.

Dainere was also an avid Myer Christmas Bear collector; having received one from Santa Claus every year from birth; her favourite was Theodore who supported her throughout her illness and rests with her today.  Dainere’s story and her love of the Myer Christmas Bears re-enforced that for many; both young and old that the Myer Christmas Bear is far more than just a bear.

Dainere’s family; Stephen, Yvonne, Nalani and Jarrett and their small team of volunteers with enormous hearts, passion and enthusiasm who form the Dainere’s Rainbow Committee continue Dainere’s legacy and her tireless paediatric brain tumour advocacy and work of elevating awareness and raising funds supporting the work of Associate Professor David Ziegler at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick in developing and testing new and innovative treatments for children with brain tumours.

Paediatric Brain Cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia; taking the lives of a classroom of children each year.

The Anthony Bear is still available to purchase from all Myer stores nationally and online.

Myer Christmas Bear ‘Anthony’

Dainere’s favourite teddy bear, Theodore, had travelled everywhere with his owner since the age of four, and in her final months he was right beside her as she realised her dreams of feeding a cheetah and riding in a Hummer with her.

Theodore was the favourite of Dainere’s collection of 14 Myer Christmas Bears – a huge collection that started the year she was born in 1998 and continues to this day.

Being surrounded by the bears gave Dainere incredible comfort during her four-year battle with brain cancer; a fight that began in 2011 with a brain tumour and ended with Dainere’s death in 2013. (She was buried with Theodore.)

In an announcement this week, retailer Myer confirmed this year’s Christmas Bear is named Anthony – a tribute to Dainere and the entire Anthoney family.

Anthony the bear will be available for purchase at every Myer store in Australia, with $1 from every bear going to the Myer Stores Community Fund.

Andante Andante ABBA Choir Christmas Fundraiser 2018

This Event was organised by our wonderful Committee Members Anne and David who are members of the Andante Andante Choir Inc. AKA the ABBA Choir who hosted this incredible evening to elevate awareness of paediatric brain tumours and raise funds for Dainere’s Rainbow.

This evening was Sold Out prior to the Event and on the night the beautifully decorated venue was filled with guests who were entertained by this incredibly talented group of amazing people, feet were tapping, the entire room sang along, and the smiles and joy lit up the room. Everyone was certainly given a Christmas gift of music.

There were two fabulous lucky door prizes which were so generously donated by Anne and David, a raffle with three outstanding prizes on offer and scrumptious supper. Winning raffle ticket numbers were Green F79, Black D75 and Green F57.
Special mention of a truly special act of human kindness from Cleo who re-donated her raffle prize, which was auctioned off to raise an extra $60.
With 100% of all funds raised on the evening $1015.00 supporting the dedicated and vital research of Associate Professor Ziegler and his team at Sydney Children’s Hospital Kids Cancer Centre.

We were able to share information about Dainere, the fund and everything we do from awareness raising, fundraising, our upcoming events and supporting families through advocacy and lobbying.

With heartfelt gratitude to all those who attended the event, without your support we would not be able to work to give hope and create change.
If you would be interested in learning more about the Andante Andante ABBA Choir you can visit their website at www.AndanteAndanteChoir.com. They also welcome new members and you don’t need any previous experience, there are no auditions required and the first two sessions are free!

Mother Teresa community picnic and sustainability fair

Blue skies, sun shining, gusty breezes and an air of excitement set the scene for the Mother Teresa Community Picnic and Sustainability Fair on Friday 30th November 2018.

Dainere’s Rainbow was so honoured to be able to have a Stall at this wonderfully well planned and set out event, congratulations to those involved in taking on such a massive task and making it so successful.

The Event had a magnificent Community atmosphere with large crowds and we were able to elevate a new and significant awareness of paediatric brain tumours to many new faces in the Community as well as raise more vital funds for research to bring hope and create change.

A total of $126.50 was raised on the day and an extremely excited Cooper Evans won the Dainere’s Rainbow Prize Pack Raffle.

It is through Community Events like this that the Dainere’s Rainbow Team are able to provide a knowledge and awareness of paediatric brain tumours as well as the important work of Dainere’s Rainbow and have the opportunity to meet some of the most extraordinary people.

Ainslie Group be.giving Initiative 2018

Dainere’s Rainbow were one of the three Community Organisations selected for the month of November to be part of the Ainslie Group’s wonderful Be.Giving initiative which has a very special purpose of giving back to the Community.

Every time a purchase was made at the Gungahlin Lakes Café between the 1st and 30th November 2018, a token was issued and patrons could vote for their preferred group.

The organisation with the most tokens at the end of the Month receive a $300 donation and the other two receive $100 each.

At the end of the month the tokens were counted and in an extremely close count, Dainere’s Rainbow is so humbled to announce that we will receive a $100 donation.

With heartfelt gratitude to the Ainslie Group and Gungahlin Lakes for giving back to the Community through the Be.Giving Initiative in 2018 and also to all those who enjoyed a coffee and delicious cake and put their token in the Dainere’s Rainbow box.

Heathers The Musical (Dramatic Productions)

Dramatic Productions astoundingly exciting major musical Heathers was held from 12th to 27th October at the Gungahlin Theatre. the high energy, fun and funny – Heathers.

Heathers is based on the 80’s movie of the same name, that starred Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The musical adaptation, while light-hearted, also touched on the serious issues of bullying and violence in schools. Heathers the Musical is a supercharged laugh-out-loud, rock musical about the students of Westerberg High, as they navigate raging hormones, bullying from jocks, scorn from the popular girls, all the while just trying to stay alive!’

It was a wonderfully entertaining show, filled with high energy, humour and phenomenal talent. The cast really was incredible, just 18 of them in total, many playing numerous roles, all volunteers and all possessing the highest and most amazing and professional standard of ability.

Richard and the team from Dramatic Productions wanted to make a Dramatic Difference in the Community and selected twelve Charity Groups that would receive 10% of all ticket sales on the evening of the show that was assigned to them. Then the incredible Steve from Masonicare came onboard matching all donations.

The Dainere’s Rainbow Show was on 20th October, we would like to express our gratitude to all those who attended the show which was almost a full house and was the most responsive audience which the cast were absolutely thrilled about.

A presentation took place on November 20th for all the twelve local Charities and Organisations that had been selected to support, we are just so absolutely humbled to announce that Dainere’s Rainbow received $1747.50. This will go a long way in supporting a current research project being undertaken by the incredible Associate Professor David Ziegler at the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Kids Cancer Centre.

We are also thrilled to inform you that It was announced that the production in 2019 will be The Producers which will be directed by the incredibly talented Rachael Beck and the lead role will be performed by Daryl Somers, a legend of Australian television and musician, as well a triple Gold Logie Winner.

The Haunted Chop Shop Halloween Display

The lovely Amy from Ngunnawal has been decorating her home for six years. Having a passion for Halloween after living in America, she spends many hours turning her home into one of the most creative and spookiest homes in Canberra at Halloween time.

This year Amy also wanted to make a difference and used her SPOOKTACULAR Display to raise funds for Dainere’s Rainbow and to Scare Brain Cancer Away. Amy is a true Dainere’s Rainbow Champion and managed to raise an impressive $250.

With heartfelt and humble gratitude to Amy, her family and everyone who visited and donated!

Celebrate Gungahlin – Guzman Y Gomez Raffle

The wonderful Jatin (Franchise Owner) of Guzman y Gomez in Gungahlin showing a true act of human kindness held a raffle at the Celebrate Gungahlin Event on 20th October.

The store also helped to elevate awareness of paediatric brain tumours on the day. The weather was stormy and rather atrocious which saw the event finish up early, however, a total of $80 was raised through the raffle and a further $81.10 in donations for a grand total of $161.10.

Jatin and his crew are more October Dainere’s Rainbow Champions.

Belconnen Twilight Markets

The Dainere’s Rainbow Team are so thrilled to have had the opportunity to have a stall at the Belconnen Twilight Markets which was part of the Belconnen Showcase Event on 5th October 2018.

With heartfelt gratitude to Mr D C Haas and his team for having us at this wonderful Community Event. Although the weather was freezing cold, many people attended this unique and special event.

Our theme for this event was Help Us Scare Brain Cancer Away and we received fabulous feedback about the presentation of our stall.

We were able to speak with many new people in the wider Community about the work of Dainere’s Rainbow and also elevate much needed awareness as well as raising some funds through the sale of Dainere’s Rainbow Gifts. We are so grateful to announce that $243.00 was raised and will go directly towards innovative research work that is currently being undertaken with the support of Dainere’s Rainbow.

it is through events like this that we can make a difference and give hope to every child diagnosed with a paediatric brain tumour.

City2Surf 2018

Jarrett, Chanel, Nicole and Mark are Dainere’s Rainbow City2Surf 2018 Champions!

At last Sunday’s 14km City2Surf in Sydney four truly phenomenal people; Jarrett, Chanel, Nicole and Mark took on the world’s largest fun run with the infamous heartbreak hill as Team Dainere’s Rainbow, elevating awareness of paediatric brain tumours and raising funds for crucial research at Sydney Children’s Hospital Kids Cancer Centre, this research is working towards improving the outcomes for all children diagnosed with brain tumours.

Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund wish to this evening acknowledge them, let them know how truly proud of them we are and how extremely honoured, blessed and humbled we are that they ran the race with the goal of working towards creating change for all children diagnosed with this number one disease killer.

Some totally extraordinary results for everyone in the Team: The ever incredible Mark, running his Third City2Surf not feeling 100% however looking splendiferous doing it in a rainbow tutu (made especially for him by Oneofakind designs) and socks because he raised over $2500.

Mark shared, “This was my 3rd City2Surf and second time raising money for Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund. I was pleased to have met my initial goal of $2,250 which beat my previous years efforts. After being dared to run the event in a rainbow tutu I insisted that I must reach $2,500 for that to occur which we met and surpassed by another $200! The highlight for me was being able to run with my wife Nicole in her first City2Surf from the start line to the finish line.”

The wonderful Nicole running her first ever City2Surf and completing it with a beaming smile on her face having completed in a terrific beginners time and raising vital funds.

Nicole shared “This was my first City 2 Surf, as well as my first time ever completing a 14km run, and it was great fun. I was so pleased to be able to raise over $500 for this amazing cause and I am truly grateful to everyone who was able to make a donation.”

The amazing Chanel, this was her second City2Surf and she achieved an impressive 45 second personal best and held some fabulous morning tea fundraisers.

Chanel shared her motiviation for running this year. “This year was my second time running in City 2 Surf. I also fundraised last time, but this year I saw a few posts from My Gungahlin which brought Dainere’s Rainbow to my attention.

I started running about 18 months ago on a regular basis, and have been consistently taking on new challenges.

This year, I really wanted to beat my last time, which I did by completing the run 45 sec faster. I also had a running injury, but I trained hard to be able to share this story with others & to show my dedication to fundraising.

Being in a new job, people didn’t know me. I used baking as a way to encourage strangers to donate for a slice. Strangers became friends, who looked forward to their Monday treats! It was a great way to raise additional funds and raise awareness.

I feel really touched by Dainere’s story, and will continue to share it with others.”

Jarrett, always devoted in his running and to continue Dainere’s legacy, ran with Dainere in his thoughts and heart, achieved a mammoth 1 minute and 2 second personal best of 50:36 and raised an astounding $5556.06.

Jarrett said “2018 was my sixth time competing in the epic 14km race, the City 2 Surf. This year I started in the preferred start group, right up in the front of the pack. My training had been going quite well in the lead up to the race, so I was hoping and expecting a new personal best time which I did end up achieving; my previous best time was 51 minutes and 38 seconds, it now stands just over a minute faster at 50:36!

Not only was this year’s City 2 Surf race time successful, the fundraising was also. This year I raised over $5,500 which is the second highest amount I have raised since 2013. The team this year managed to get over $9,000 which is the highest a Dainere’s Rainbow City 2 Surf team has ever got.

Dainere must have been with not just me during the run, but also with fellow team members this year. The 2018 City 2 Surf was a very successful year for Dainere’s Rainbow, so now we look forward to improving next year and setting not just new personal bests in the race, but also in the fundraising.”

The whole team certainly raised vital awareness of paediatric brain tumours as well as raising a colossal total of $9091.13 and that is with heartfelt gratitude to the remarkable people in the Community that have supported them.

If you would like to take on the challenge of City2Surf and raise money for Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund in 2019 please get in touch. All we ask is you to raise a minimum of $150. This will also ensure you get a Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation running singlet for the event and entry into the marquee afterwards for well deserved refreshments.

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