Harrison School Cake Stall for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Harrison School Cake Stall For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 1
Harrison School Cake Stall For Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September was Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and after hearing about it through Dainere’s Rainbow, some extraordinary people had a very special event as part of Turning September Gold.

The history of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month originated in 2010 when the President of the United States, Barack Obama proclaimed Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness that children with cancer need help from the Community. Since then it has become a global initiative, raising awareness across the globe for childhood cancer.

It is important to be part of something like this because, with awareness comes support.  It is so sad that Government funding is limited and can only stretch so far and the urgently needed and vital funds for research programs and projects which are key for improving outcomes and working towards the reality of a cure predominantly come from the generosity of the Community.

Hearing that Brain Cancer kills more children than any other disease; with a child losing their life every eleven (11) days was devastating and so from reading the Dainere’s Rainbow website and seeing one idea to help raise awareness and funds was to have a Golden Bake that is exactly what Kylie, Hayden and Ashlee decided to do.

Working with passion and heart preparing for the day: from putting up posters, handing out flyers and baking.  With help from some wonderful parents and the wider Community who baked scrumptious cakes and slices a Golden Cake Stall was held at Harrison School on Wednesday 25th September 2019.  It was a delicious and meaningful way to let people know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and a phenomenal total of $200 was raised on the day.

Heartfelt and massive gratitude from all at Dainere’s Rainbow to Kylie, Hayden, Ashlee and all involved for their most extraordinary effort in reaching out during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month to help make such an important difference.  They are true Golden Champions!

Marketplace Community Rewards Program

Market Community Rewards Program 1
Market Community Rewards Program

Dainere’s Rainbow was chosen to be one of the first ever organisations to partner up with Gungahlin Marketplace for the Marketplace Community Rewards program!

The Marketplace Community Rewards program began on 1 July 2019 and ended 30 September 2019.

Shoppers had the opportunity each time they shopped in the Gungahlin Marketplace and spent over $20, participating retailers gave them a community rewards card. Shoppers were then able to vote for one of the three community groups of choice by simply placing their card into one of the three Community Group Boxes located within the Marketplace.

At the end of the quarter, the votes were all counted, each community group involved to receive a split of a $1000.00 donation ($500 for first, $300 for second and $200 for third).

We feel just so extremely humbled and grateful to all those who voted for Dainere’s Rainbow during this special initiative and it is because of you totally extraordinary people that we are honoured and thrilled to announce that Dainere’s Rainbow received the most votes!

This is a time to also take the opportunity to express our gratitude to Beth and the Gungahlin Marketplace Team for this incredible initiative to support Community Groups within the region.  We would also like to acknowledge the other two Community Groups involved for this quarter and congratulate them:  Gungahlin Jets and Belconnen Arts Centre – Gungahlin Community Arts Program.  They both carry out the most exceptional and amazing Community work and provide incredible opportunities for the Gungahlin Region and beyond.

Team Dainere’s Rainbow took on City2Surf 2019

In 2019 nine people took on the challenge of the world’s largest fun run at Sydney’s City2Surf for Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research fund as part of Team Dainere’s Rainbow. This was the largest team for Team Dainere’s Rainbow and the largest fundraising effort for the annual City2Surf fundraiser for Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund with over $13,500 raised. 100% of this money raised goes to the Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation to support research into paediatric brain tumours.

This year Dainere’s brother Jarrett was supported again by Mark and Nicole from My Gungahlin and this year joined for the first time as part of the team Kat and Michael Sliwinski, Shaun Bradby, Natalie Gray, Stephanie Pollard and Mark Smith.

Jarret shared his thoughts after the run “2019 was my seventh City2Surf raising the much-needed awareness and funds for paediatric brain tumours in memory of my little sister, Dainere. This year, Dainere’s Rainbow saw its largest team to date enter the world’s biggest fun run to not just tackle the infamous heartbreak hill but to also raise a phenomenal record amount of over $13,000 for Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund.

My own individual fundraising this year went amazing, receiving just under $6,000 – my second highest amount achieved in the seven years of fundraising! A massive thank you to everyone who made a donation to myself or to any of the team, it truly is greatly appreciated!

The day before the race, the weather in Sydney was not so kind; with strong winds blowing throughout the entirety of the day reaching speeds of up to 65km/h! I was anxiously sitting in the hotel room, hoping that these kinds of winds would not be present on the City2Surf race day. Luck must’ve been on our side as the race day saw much lighter winds, it was however a little bit chilly, but nothing a Canberran wasn’t accustomed to! My lead up to the race had been interrupted with an injury as well as illness, so I was relying on my familiarity of the race and strength of Dainere being with me pushing me along to get me through the run. The first half of the challenging 14km run was extremely successful; I was on pace for a shot at a personal best time as well as feeling quite comfortable running in a pack with fellow preferred start runners. Halfway up the famously gruesome heartbreak hill, my asthma started playing up, so I eased off the pace to keep control of my breathing to avoid having an asthma attack, this was followed by a niggle of the injury I had recently recovered from. Although I concluded the run without an asthma attack or re-injury it did come at an unfortunate cost; running a time I was not at all happy with.

Although the 2019 City2Surf race was a few minutes slower than my personal best time, I know that Dainere would’ve still be incredibly proud of the many positives that came from this year’s challenge – we had the largest amount of runners raising money for the Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund, the team raised the highest amount a team for the fund has raised, I raised my second highest amount in the seven years I have run in the City2Surf raising money and that despite my result and setbacks, I pushed all the way through to the end of the race which is something I know would’ve made Dainere smile.”

Kat and Michael ran their 10th and 9th consecutive city2surf this year. Kat finishing in 66.35min with a new PB and Michael finishing 30 seconds behind in 67.07. “We are both so happy to have raised over $1000 for such a great cause with both of our daughters having treatment at Westmead hospital over the last 4 years for severe hip dysplasia. We love City2Surf and hope to be taking part for many years to come! We’ve now embarked on a new journey, travelling around Australia and combining that with running and fundraising for the Indigenous Marathon Project which supports indigenous people to be fit active in the form of running. We hope to share our love of running and build new friendships on our trip around Australia”.

Three of the runners in this year’s team were taking on City2Surf for the first time and shared their thoughts with us.

“The aim of participating in the 2019 City2Surf was achieved, that was to raise money and awareness of the issues facing kids who have brain tumours. The weather on the day was great, the event was filled with colour and spectacle. Heart Break hill was, well it is what it is, but the downhill parts of the course were joyous. A great time had by all.” – Mark Smith.

“Waiting at the start line at City2Surf 2019 I was both excited as running this fun run has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Deciding to fundraise was a no brainer and I’m happy I could help to increase the donations by $586. Running km by km I finally crossed the finish line after 1hr 58mins and was feeling a lot better than expected. I enjoyed both the race and the atmosphere and hope to participate in years to come.” – Stephanie Pollard.

“The start line at the city2surf. Having never done it before I did not know what to expect but also, I did not have a time I was chasing. Completed in 93mins 59secs and it felt great. Raised $806 which felt even better. With every km ran my running buddy and I would high five and say $55! Will definitely be there next year.” – Natalie Gray.

For Mark and Nicole from My Gungahlin this was Mark’s fourth City2Surf and Nicole’s second. Mark started with the Charity Superstars again this year. “It was great to start in this group as there is limited numbers and I was literally on the start line. There isn’t going to be many running events where I will have prime position! I was pushing for a pretty big goal this year and at the halfway mark which coincides with the bottom of Heartbreak Hill I was on track but unfortunately, I quickly fell behind up the hill and the rest of the way. I crossed the line missing my personal best by 20 seconds. The positive was I smashed my fundraising goal and made this the largest fundraising campaign ever for me.”

Nicole took 5 minutes off her time from 2018. “I was so excited to take part in City2Surf again this year supporting Team Dainere’s Rainbow and achieving such a great result, not only my time but fundraising. I am grateful for the support from those that donated to myself and the whole team.”

If City2Surf is a challenge you would like to take on in 2020 and also be part of Team Dainere’s Rainbow we would love to hear from you. We welcome anyone who is willing to take on the challenge and fundraise for this cause. We would love to have at least 20 people take part in 2020!
Email us on daineresrainbow@gmail.com
There is still time to donate to this years City2Surf campaign here: https://city2surf2019.everydayhero.com/au/team-dainere-s-rainbow-2019/members

Orange Theory Fitness (OTF) Gungahlin Jett Day Fundraiser $14,467.25

An event where the most incredible people from the Gungahlin Community and beyond came together in an afternoon of fitness, courage and inspiration to honour the little Superhero Jett and to elevate awareness and raise funds for childhood brain tumours.

A Message From Jett’s Family

“A massive thank you to everyone who came down to Orange Theory Fitness Gungahin last Saturday to support Jett Day. A super special thanks to everyone (individuals and businesses) who supported our efforts by donating money and prizes, buying raffle tickets, making cupcakes and taking part in the challenges.

Your support means so much to us and it helped to make Jett Day a massive success. With the wonderful support of people like you we were able to raise over $13,000 for the Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund. With 100% of all funds raised or donated going to paediatric brain tumour research at Sydney Children’s Hospital, we hope that one day a cure will become a reality so that Jett and other children do not have to suffer through this terrible disease.

An extra special thanks to the Orange Theory Fitness crew for organising and hosting this amazing day and to the Anthoney Family for their support and the wonderful work that they do to make a difference and create change for all children diagnosed with a paediatric brain tumour.”

Peter, Crystal, Braxton, Jett and Cruz xoxoxoxo

About Jett Day

What an absolute honour, totally humbling and a little overwhelming experience it was on Saturday 24th August to spend time with the extraordinary Orange Theory Fitness Gungahlin Team for Jett Day.

Jett is a truly amazing little Superhero, who was diagnosed in January 2019 with a JPA brain tumour at the age of just four. He has endured so much and so have his extremely remarkable family. There is still a long path for this beautiful family to travel and our thoughts and support are continually with them. Know that you are not alone we are all there for you and fighting with you.

The OTF Gungahlin Team, put together an afternoon of fitness challenges, children’s activities, raffles and more to brighten Jett’s Day and to make a difference. They even put their bodies on the line in a massive challenge themselves (a small insight to the pain and discomfort a child diagnosed with a brain tumour endures) they pledged to do a burpee for every dollar raised. With the help of OTF Members and Jarrett together they did almost 12,000 burpees!

Such gratitude, beyond words really to all the phenomenal individuals and businesses involved in the event, they not only have the light of human kindness burning ever so brightly but they can be called true champions.

Every single dollar raised from this event will go towards world class and innovative research to improve outcomes, discover new treatment options, bring hope and create change for Jett and every single child diagnosed with what is a totally insidious, cruel and indiscriminate disease.

It is through the research programs and projects headed by the incredible, passionate and devoted Associate Professor Ziegler and his team at the Sydney Children’s Hospital set up in memory of and as a legacy to Dainere that change can occur and children diagnosed with brain tumours can have the future they deserve.

‘Team Dainere’s Rainbow’ City2Surf – Mission With A Purpose

A team of Canberra locals is on a mighty mission, to take on Australia’s most iconic and gruelling fun run in the name of a serious cause; Dainere’s Rainbow, elevating vital awareness and raising crucial funds for paediatric brain cancer research as they put themselves to the test in the Sydney City2Surf next month.

This year’s City2Surf is quite significant; in the year that Dainere Anthoney should have celebrated her 21st Birthday, City2Surf is on 11th August, which is the same date as the very first City2Surf that she and her brother, Jarrett planned together in 2013; their mission to take action, bring hope and create change for others.

“The race for Jarrett will be challenging, just as the journey is for a child with a brain cancer. I love Jarrett for doing this, he is my hero and I truly hope to still be here to give him a huge hug when he crosses the finish line.” Dainere Anthoney May 2013.

Tragically, Dainere was not able be there to give her big brother that hug when he crossed the finish line, she had her young life cruelly stolen by brain cancer just 48 days before the 2013 City2Surf.

Dainere, in a life too short, a life too fragile, but a life of tremendous influence selflessly and tirelessly advocated for greater awareness in the community about paediatric brain tumours.

Her determination and passion to raise funds for research and to inspire others with her constant message, “…together we can take action, give hope and create change…” knew no bounds and have influenced people from the young to the elderly, from those with many life experiences to those just beginning their journey from all corners of the globe. Dainere’s greatest wish in life was that no children would have to suffer as she did and that one day a cure for paediatric brain tumours would become a reality

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease yet 90% of Australians are unaware of this. The devastating statistics of this insidious disease have barely changed in over three decades, paediatric brain cancer research receives very little government funding, research funding is reliant on support from the Community and unfortunately, because a child’s brain is still developing treatments can result in more substantial and permanent side effects than they would for an adult.

This year will see the largest team ever competing in this epic event and proudly representing Dainere’s Rainbow: Jarrett Anthoney, Mark Scarborough (Dainere’s Rainbow Ambassador), Nicole Scarborough, Michael Sliwinski, Kat Sliwinski, Shaun Bradby, Mark Smith, Natalie Gray and Emma Harley make up the phenomenal ‘Team Dainere’s Rainbow’, all local Gungahlin Residents.

Some can be considered old hands, whilst others are competing in their first ever City2Surf; together they are putting in the hard training, are creative and dedicated in their fundraising and bringing about a new awareness in the Community.

Jarrett Anthoney (24) for who this will be his seventh City2Surf says about the race:

“What amazes me is the incredible and unique atmosphere of City2Surf, it really is like no other fun run I’ve ever raced in. Even when running up Heartbreak Hill, no matter how tired you feel, the crowds support you and compel you to push through any struggles to get through the finish line.

This atmosphere, combined with the significance of Dainere and I planning for me to compete in it, to elevate awareness and funds in memory of my inspiration, my special hero and my beloved little sister, Dainere makes the City2Surf the most momentous and meaningful fun run I do every year”.

The incredible ‘Team Dainere’s Rainbow’ have an extra special goal this year; to not only honour Dainere’s prolific work, memory and legacy but to dramatically increase awareness of childhood brain cancer within the Community and work towards raising a staggering $21,000 in funds for the year that Dainere should have celebrated her 21st Birthday.

The entire team would be so humbled and grateful for any support because every single dollar given really does make a difference for every single child diagnosed with a brain tumour in Australia.

All proceeds will go to the Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund to support the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation and the devoted work of Associate Professor Ziegler and his team at the Kids Cancer Centre which relentlessly seek better outcomes for children diagnosed with brain cancer. Their world class and ground-breaking research includes investigating the biology and genetics of childhood brain tumours, identifying agents that have an anti-tumour effect, and working towards treatment strategies and state-of-the-art clinical trials.

Kinky Kocktail Party

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Free Rain Theatre Company’s Kinky Kocktails

Dainere’s Rainbow are so extremely humbled and honoured to have been the chosen Charity for the recent Free Rain Theatre Company’s Kinky Kocktails, in celebration of their upcoming production of Kinky Boots at The Q (Queanbeyan Performing Arts Centre).

What a truly fabulous and fun evening it was hosted by the incomparable David Cannell. Guests were treated to a splendiferous performance from Lola and the cast members of Kinky Boots, a surprise and spectacular announcement of Free Rain Theatre Company’s next production in 2020 of Mamma Mia, delicious grazing platters mingling with Lola and the cast and crew of Kinky Boots, a wonderful raffle, silent and live auction supported by smiling and generous guests.

With our heartfelt gratitude to Anne and the Team from Free Rain for their incredible act of human kindness in support Dainere’s Rainbow to bring hope and create change for every single child in Australia diagnosed with paediatric brain tumours.

If you would like to see this absolutely awesome production of Kinky Boots you can book tickets online

Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Presented by Dramatic Productions as part of their Dramatic Difference Initiative to give back to Community organisations and charities. For each ticket sold to the show Dramatic Productions give back 10% to the chosen Charities. This initiative is supported with matched donations by the incredible Team from Masonicare. From the Founder of Dramatic Productions Mr Richard Block.

“I needed to find a new way to attract people to my shows. I needed to find a new way to reach the local community and engage with them. This led to me trialing two new concepts – Pay It Forward tickets and Charity Nights.

I am incredibly proud of these steps we took to give back to the community. Not only do charities gain financially from Dramatic Productions shows but we have been able to showcase the amazing work they each do through social media. Our casts also get the satisfaction of knowing that their hard work provides benefits long after the show is over and as a bonus, during the show, they get the chance to show off their talents to even more people.

This year’s innovation of a Money Back Guarantee has taken many by surprise. But it is a testament to the incredible standard that our local performers reach. And the confidence I have that once people see what their fellow Canberrans are capable of, they will not only be happy to support them, they won’t be able to wait to see what they do next!
The journey isn’t over and I have even more plans for social engagement and giving to the community. The charities I’ve had the honour of visiting have shown me that there is much more good we can do, even if it’s just through our own small part of the arts.

I’m looking forward to what comes next. Please join me in being a part of this Dramatic Difference we are striving to make!”

Dainere’s Rainbow are just so extremely humbled and honoured to have been selected to be part of this truly incredible initiative and we are proud to work alongside the Dramatic Productions Team and assist them in any way.

The show on 20th April supported Dainere’s Rainbow and had a very responsive and marvellous audience attend on the evening. They would all agree that Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery was indeed filled with fun. Laughs, twists, turns and intrigue, it was an absolutely ingenious and hilarious adaptation of one of Sherlock Holmes’s most classic stories. The cast were just astonishing and so amazingly adaptable and talented.

The next production by this phenomenal company will be The Producers with the wonderful Daryl Somers cast as Max Bialystock (Hey Hey It’s Saturday) and the show is directed by the exceptional Rachel Beck (Hey Dad) and is certainly a show not to miss this October 11th to 26th.

Tickets are already on sale https://stagecenta.com/showdetailsC.aspx?showid=5161

The Dainere’s Rainbow Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery Performance
Brian Kavanagh (Sherlock Holmes), Nicolar Steain (Several Characters), Yvonne Anthoney (Charity Founder – Dainere’s Rainbow), Stephen Anthoney (Charity Founder – Dainere’s Rainbow), Michael Cooper (Several Characters) and Richard Block (Managing Director – Dramatic Productions)

Rise Above Cancer Convoy

On 31st March in Canberra it was the Rise Above Cancer Convoy. Rise Above – Capital Region Cancer Relief, provides financial assistance and support to cancer patients and family residing with them within the ACT, Queanbeyan and surrounds.

The convoy is their major fundraising event and one that has been embraced and enormously supported in the Canberra Community. This is so important as there is an ever-increasing need for assistance.

This year, the year that our beloved Dainere should have celebrated her 21st Birthday, she was honoured in what is such an indescribably special way…she (and Theodore) were on the Support-A-Truck.

It took our breaths away and there were some tears, but it was just incredible to see Dainere’s memorial on the truck: an image of her most radiant and beautiful smiling face, a butterfly and splendiferous rainbow and the words ‘loved beyond words & missed beyond measure’.

Words just simple can not express how much this means to our family and Dainere’s legacy and we are just so, so extremely and eternally grateful to Melissa from Rise Above and the Team from Screenmakers who created the Support-A-Truck artwork.

Burgmann school fair 2019

On a perfect Autumn afternoon, Dainere’s Rainbow were so very fortunate to have a Stall at the annual Burgmann School Fair.

There was a completely new set up and it was so inclusive and welcoming and it also meant that we were able to reach out and speak to so many more people this year.

There was significant interest in the work that Dainere’s Rainbow do and how people can elevate awareness.  The highlight though for many of those who visited the Dainere’s Rainbow Stall was the Rainbow Prize Wheel.

Everyone was a winner and many walked away with one of the splendiferous Dainere’s Rainbow Merchandise items, others were fortunate enough to take away a block of chocolate and the very lucky ones spun and won a gift card or voucher.

We were also able to advertise the Bal Masque Gala Fundraising Dinner and Dramatic Productions latest gem:  Baskerville A Sherlock Holmes Mystery.

We are so humbled by the support of the Burgmann and Gungahlin Community and are thrilled to announce that $372.00 was raised as well as awareness beyond all measure.

Baskerville – A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

Baskerville 1
Bookings are now being taken for the Dramatic Productions – Baskerville Show, we encourage you to head over to the Dramatic Productions website and purchase tickets.
All tickets purchased for the 20th of April show will help raise funds for Dainere’s Rainbow, we hope you help support us and Dramatic Productions.
Ticket prices are $22 for children under 18, $36 concession, $38 Adult and Group of 8+ $34 per person.

With his deerstalker cap on, the game’s afoot as Sherlock Holmes, everyone’s favourite detective, strives to solve his most notorious case before the curse of the Baskervilles dooms another heir!

In this hilarious adaptation of one of Sherlock Holmes’s most classic stories, two actors play the roles of Holmes and Watson, while three other actors play the other 36 characters!

Don’t miss the fun, laughs and intrigue as the case twists and turns towards its final climatic conclusion!

Dramatic productions is also proud to announce the 6 local Charities for whom Baskerville will make a Dramatic Difference!

Takings from the following show dates will directly benefit :

Dainere’s Rainbow – Saturday 20 April

Givit ACT – Sunday 21 April

RSPCA Canberra – Wednesday 24 April

Soldier On – Thursday 25 April

Newborn Intensive Care Foundation – Friday 26 April

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children – Saturday 27 April 2pm

Your laughs will keep on giving to our community 

Thank you!

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