Thank you for supporting Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund.

Thank you for your incredible support of Dainere’s Rainbow Brain Tumour Research Fund. Every day I see the impact your support has on the children and young people that we care for at the Kids Cancer Centre (KCC) at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Our brain tumour research program at the KCC is devoted to improving outcomes for all children with brain tumours. Brain tumours cause more deaths in childhood than any other disease, and, thanks to you, we have the leading national research program to directly tackle these devastating tumours. In the laboratory we are running a drug discovery program, where we are using robotic technology to screen thousands of chemicals to find new treatments. We have a translational program, where we can offer children whose tumours fail to respond to standard therapy the chance to receive new, breakthrough treatments. And we collaborate with leading international researchers to ensure that every child diagnosed with a brain tumour in our institution has access to state of the art treatments that offer an increased chance of cure.

Without the support of generous people like you it wouldn’t be possible to fund these research projects, and children with cancer wouldn’t have access to the clinical trials and medicines that are being produced as a result of these.

Dainere’s greatest wish was to raise significant funds and awareness for research to improve the outcomes for all children diagnosed with brain tumours. Together we’re fulfilling her wish and ensuring there is hope for future generations of children and their families.

Thank you for helping to continue Dainere’s work.

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Dr. David Ziegler
Kids Cancer Centre
Sydney Children’s Hospital,


Dr Z thank you

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